David Hall Tai Chi Flyer

Carlton on Trent class details:  Carlton on Trent Village Hall, Main Street, Carlton on Trent, Notts NG23 6NW  Mondays 7-8pm.  £5 (waged) £4 (retired, concessions).

To contact David directly please use this link:  Contact David Hall (Email detail see flyer above)

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are classes open to beginners / Do I need to be experienced?

A: Classes are open to beginners and experienced alike. The pace of the classes is such that it is easy to fit in to them at any level of experience. Also there is a good deal of practising skills and exercises at every class that you may have learned before – so  beginners and experienced students often blend in quite well together.

Q. Do I need to book a place?

A: Not usually, it is fine to just turn up. Occasionally however, if a class is very popular there may be limited spaces or there may be a waiting list.

Q: Is tai chi a martial art?

A: It is not taught as a martial art in my classes – only the health/exercise aspect of tai chi. These days a lot of people are wanting to learn it for this reason. It can be taught as a martial art, and sometimes is in other classes or in different styles of tai chi. In this particular style of tai chi (the Lee or Li style) the martial art side of it is called Kung Fu/Feng Shou so unless a class says ‘Kung Fu/Feng Shou class’ on the tin then it will nearly always be a health/exercise class.

Q. Are the classes open to people of any age?

A: Theoretically, yes. The vast majority of the exercises and techniques are fine for people of most ages to accomplish. I have students in their 70′s and a few in their 80′s in my classes. But I also have students in their 20′s or younger. The class does require being on your feet for about an hour usually, but it is fine to take a break if you need one.

Q: Do I need special clothing?

A: Any loose fitting clothing is fine. Try to avoid anything that restricts your movement. Training shoes/plimsoles are great, or light, flexible shoes can be okay too.

Q: Is your tai chi part of a particular style?

A: Yes, it is the Lee (or Li)  style as taught by Master Chee Soo/ The Lee family. See also:


My own current teacher is Master Howard Gibbon ;

see:     http://www.howardgibbon.com/    or     http://www.ewta.co.uk/

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